Formerly of Peterson, MN we are now located in the beautiful gentle rolls of Wkyoff, MN area. Just a bit NW of Preston. In the spring of 2009 we purchased part of my great-grandfathers farm and now have plenty of projects to do besides enjoying our horses.
Anna has grown up with horses. Her grandfather and mother were both horse trainers. She used to train ponies when a kid. Mostly western emphasis but will do english lessons and training also.  Anna earned a BA-science degree from the University of WI in River Falls. Horses are her lifes passion. Her husband & daughters (9,7 & 2) enjoy being with horses also.

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Cost for training: $150 per week per horse. This includes all the feed and hay while the horse is here and also one "person lesson" (riding lesson) per week. If you would like actual riding lessons above and beyond that (where you are working with the horse and not just watching a training session) I can also provide that for $20 per hour lesson. I encourage you to come visit your horse at any time while it is here to just spend time with it without my training session being in progress at the time.
Anna Rae Nelson Horse Training & Riding Lessons